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LGBTQ+ Online Discourse and How it Harms an Already Vulnerable Community

By: Landis Swaffar LGBTQ+ Online Discourse and How it Harms an Already Vulnerable Community Online discourse is a fairly common term among the social-media-driven world of today. By definition, discourse is a written or spoken debate. But what does it mean to be in an argument with a total stranger, from behind a screen, while [...]

Autistic, Trans, and Left Behind

By Apollo Eliott  Autistic, Trans, and Left Behind  Growing up both Transgender and Autistic (and not knowing I was either), I was always the odd man out, I didn’t have friends, I didn’t belong to a certain group, for the most part, no one would even talk to me. At 15, I was finally informed [...]

LGBTQ Game Reviews: Celeste

By: Artemis Lilith LGBTQ Game Reviews: Celeste Developer: Extremely Ok Games Overview Celeste is an indie platformer following Madeline climbing Celeste Mountain meeting both friend and a foe in the form of her anxieties and depression. Gameplay and Difficulty In Celeste you jump dash and climb your way through hard levels, and although the difficulty [...]

Disabled and Trans: Learning to Navigate My Intersectionality

By: Landis Swaffar It took me a while, and a lot of work, to come to terms with my non-binary trans identity. I had to look deep within myself and unearth the reasons I felt I wasn’t “trans enough”. Society told me that the only trans people that were valid were those transitioning from one [...]

Angry, Young, and Punk. What draws so many queer youth to punk rock and the counterculture?

By: Apollo Eliott I started my sophomore year of high school in august of 2013, not long after the supreme court decision in United States v. Windsor ruled the federal government must recognize same sex marriage. This decision, along with Arizona’s on-going lgbt based anti-discrimination cases, became popular topics of debate on the school bus [...]

Art Spotlight: Adrian Paulon

By: Adrian Paulon As a young gay artist, I often focus my art around rainbows. I started the piece by blending each color with the previous one. After all the colors were blended to my liking, I used white to make a mandala coming from the corner of the canvas. I needed three or four [...]