Suicide Prevention/Intervention:

S.O.S. (Sources of Strength) Suicide Prevention Program:

  • S.O.S. is an evidence based prevention program that trains youth to prevent suicide, bullying & violence by identifying sources of strength in their life & connecting with caring peers & mentors
  • Facilitated at Camp OUTdoors, the Youth Center & Satellite Sites
  • Designated “Safe Places”

P.O.N.D. Partners:
Community Bridges (CBI): On site partner at P.O.N.D. offering crisis & mental health services
Arizona Housing Inc.: Manages 209 W. Jackson, where P.O.N.D. is located

Sexual & Domestic Violence Prevention/Intervention Services:

  • Domestic/Sexual violence advocacy services Wednesday’s 3-7 @ the Youth Center
  • Workshops on Sexual & domestic violence prevention @ the Youth Center, satellite sites & Camp OUTdoors

Program Partner:

Bloom 365: Domestic/Sexual violence advocacy services

Sexual Health Education & Testing Services:

Mpowerment Program:
@ the Youth Center & Satellite Programs (13-18 years old)
  • HIV/AIDS prevention, care & de-stigmatization
  • Core Mpowerment leadership group
  • Safer Sex education supplies provided (Condom bar)

Partners in Mpowerment:

Southwest Center: Monitors the grant & offers HIV/STI testing on site at the Youth Center & Satellites

Ignite Phoenix: Southwest Center program partner

CDC: This grant is funded through the CDC

TPP (Teen Pregnancy Prevention) Program:

@ the Youth Center & Satellites
  • 10 module Evidence Based Intervention curriculum for reducing pregnancy, STIs & STDS for LGBTQ youth (13-18 years old)

Partners in TPP:
Touchstone Behavioral Health: Main program partner
Maricopa County Health Department: Monitors the grant & is the program partner

Health Services:

  • Mental/Emotional Health:
    1. 1 on 1 individualized counseling with Deveraux & Native Health offsite
    2. Referrals & immediate crisis counseling with Community Bridges (CBI) at POND
    3. Weekly Art Therapy groups @ the Youth Center with Native Health
    4. Addiction and recovery referrals
    5. SMI evaluation assistance and referrals
    6. Programs on healthy relationships, self-esteem building & self-care at all sites
    7. Custom programs for a variety of experiences and identities
    8. Trans specific support group (2 & 4th Sunday @ Youth Center)
  • Physical Health:
      1. Crews’n Health Mobile: Tues 3-6pm Free medical and vision care
      2. Brighter Way Institute: Tues 3-6pm Dental care and services
      3. Workout & nutrition classes at the Youth Center & satellite sites
      4. Sports teams, dance classes, etc.
      5. Referrals to trained medical professionals who are experts in working with LGBTQ folks

    Occasional Programs @ Youth Center & Satellites:

    • Prevention/ intervention workshops on Cutting
    • Safer Drinking habits/AA/NA (Safe OUT)
    • Support groups/programs for specific needs
    • Self-esteem building workshops
    • Dental care & services (CASS partnership)


one-n-ten also works with to refer clients who are not in our age range of 11-24 but are looking for care. can help with assisted living, home care, memory care, and assistance for caregivers.

Help an Arizona LGBTQ youth rise to their potential.