Wellness Programming at one∙n∙ten – providing opportunities to engage with youth to educate, empower and shine even brighter!

SexFYI! is one∙n∙ten’s monthly sexual health program for 14 – 17 yo and 18 – 24 yo LGBTQ youth that is inclusive of their body, gender identity and sexual orientation, including fluidity therein.  Topics include:

  • Healthy, Safe Relationships and Dating
  • Consent/Negotiation/Refusal Skills
  • Asexuality/Aromanticism
  • How to Navigate Relationships as a Trans or Non-Binary Person
  • STI 101, Safer Sex 101
  • Sexting/Social Media/Internet Safety
  • Intimacy Without Sex, Sex Readiness

Format is information sharing, group discussion, role plays, video demonstration (Ex: internal and external condom demonstrations). We do not assume or endorse youth in having sex.  Our goal is to provide a safe space youth can learn, gain skills and be empowered as youth navigate their path, relationships and choices.

TGNC (Trans and Gender Non-Conforming) Wellness program is 1x/month on gender affirming health topics such as:

  • Pronouns Support
  • Hormones 101
  • Gender Affirming Surgeries 101
  • Gender Dysphoria Tips/Tools
  • How to Bind Safely, How to Tuck Safely
  • How to Select a LGBTQ Affirming Provider/Counselor
  • Supporting a Healthy Transition

Additional Wellness Programs:

  • Sources of Strength (suicide prevention)
  • Self – Esteem, Self – Empowerment, Self – Love and Self – Care
  • Social Emotional Learning
    • Self – Awareness – recognizing one’s emotions and values as well as one’s strengths and limitations
    • Self – Management – managing emotions and behaviors to achieve one’s goals
    • Relationship skills – forming positive relationships with self, others, objects, and behaviors, working in teams, dealing effectively with conflict
    • Social Awareness – showing understanding and empathy for others
    • Responsible Decision Making – Making ethical, constructive choices about personal and social behavior
  • Body Awareness
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Mental Health Education and Skill Building
  • Nutrition Topics Ex: How Food Can Affect Mood, Healthy Snack Options, Healthy Cooking on a Budget

Help an Arizona LGBTQ youth rise to their potential.