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Kris Cano

Kris Cano is retired from government service and the City of Scottsdale after 21 years of service serving as the WestWorld General Manager and the Forensic Services Director.  Kris spent most of her 29-year career with the Scottsdale Police Department in the field of forensic science including the administration of a full-service crime laboratory, crime scene response unit, digital forensics unit, criminal history unit, and a property and evidence warehouse. Kris recently has re-entered the workforce as a Forensic DNA Analyst with Signature Science a private company that supports investigative efforts by providing scalable forensic casework solutions for both traditional and specialized sample analysis. Kris has a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Florida State University and a master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of South Florida. Her passion lies with her volunteerism in the community with organizations that promote excellence in leadership and support equality for marginalized communities.  She serves as the Chair of the board of directors for one n ten, a nonprofit organization that supports LGBTQIA + youth with social and service programs that promote self-expression and leadership development.  One n ten raises over a million dollars a year in fundraising efforts to support crucial, and often lifesaving programing, ranging from summer camp to an alternative schooling, for LGBTQIA+ youth empowering their self-acceptance.  Kris also serves on the Scottsdale Leadership board of directors as the Vice Chair of the marketing committee, and a proud member of Scottsdale Leadership Class 33.  She has been a large part of Diversity Day curriculum where she empowers leaders to gain skills in empathetic and crucial conversations.  After being a member for a few years, Kris recently joined the Board of the Women’s Collective a philanthropic organization that elevates and inspires women in leadership roles by providing funding to support mentorship programs that empower women.  She has served on many other boards and organizations in the forensic community including American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors and is currently serving on the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Standards Board.  She has been married for 5 years to her husband Keith and has two children.  Ethan is 21, a graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, following in her footsteps and works for the City of Scottsdale.  Elli is 18 and a freshman at the University of Arizona majoring in Computer Science.