Trans*formation Tuesday: West Valley’s Gender-Bending Makeup Night



By Avi Vieira



Makeup has the ability to transform one’s appearance. It can conceal, camouflage, or highlight features depending on the situation. It has the power to make you look better, or look worse. It also has the power to make you look and feel absolutely fabulous. On January 15th, West Valley one•n•ten was treated to a night dedicated to the power of makeup to help with gender-bending activities. Led by our very own Lieutenant Commander Nick Fletcher with special guests Gunner Gatlyn, Mister Arizona Gay Rodeo Association
2013, and Miss Phoenix Gay Pride Khloe V. Monroe, our youth were taught techniques that can help them pass for and feel more comfortable as their identified gender.

Differing from the techniques one would use in a drag performance, the panel explained that the makeup used on a daily basis is more subtle and designed to conceal natural curves and contours and draw focus to desired gender characteristics instead. Demonstrations allowed the youth to see firsthand how to appear more masculine or feminine as they prefer simply through makeup, and strategic padding. A group Q&A session was held allowing the youth to ask for practical tips and tricks to be more effective in passing for their identified gender. Youth feedback of the evening indicated it was one of the most enjoyable and informative nights we have had with guests providing firsthand knowledge to youth who have never even considered using makeup to reinforce and strengthen their abilities to be seen on the outside as the person they feel they are on the inside.