West Valley Decks Its Holiday Halls: Introducing Art Night With Liz




By Avi Vieira


On December 10th West Valley one•n•ten geared up for the holiday season with an out and out explosion of creativity, color, and tons of glitter.  With December programming set to encourage volunteers to Step Up, this evening introduced a night for the youth to design, decorate, and personalize a rainbow of fun holiday-inspired crafts. Our LGBTQ crew was steered by our very own Lieutenant Commander Liz Martin, who lent her arts and crafts expertise to the youth and inspired them to create fun and memorable ornaments that celebrated the holiday season, LGBTQ identity, and each youth’s individual creativity.

After a quick introduction of the theme for the evening, plain globe ornaments were transformed by energetic youth with ribbon, stickers, markers, glitter, and various art supplies into a rainbow of decorations worthy of adorning the finest holiday surroundings.  Liz oversaw the evening as a whole, and provided creative guidance to the youth, allowing them to tap into their creative spirits to create their own holiday magic.  The evening also allowed the youth to get into the holiday spirit, and provided a break from family stresses and those brought on by semester finals.  The feedback from the youth regarding the evening was intensely positive, signaling a new theme night in the west side.  We are all looking forward to another Art Night With Liz.