Queer Sketching: West Valley’s Gay Pictionary Night

By Avi Vieira

With 90 seconds to sketch a randomly drawn person, place, or thing; West Valley one•n•ten youth competed in teams against each other with hilarious funny guessing and cheers at correct answers at some of the most basic and random of sketches of LGBT related subjects. It was Gay Pictionary Night in West Valley, and the teams were playing for keeps.


Before the game was announced, the volunteers were asked to write down a person, place, or thing and place it in a bag. The youth were then split up into two teams and given mere minutes to pick team names and captains. As the game started, the random words were drawn from the bag by the youth team members as they rotated up in competition to draw their subject for their team to guess. With people like Lady Gaga, Harvey Milk, Judy Garland, and Jeffery Star; places like San Francisco, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and Home Depot; as well as things like Diva, Unicorn, and Fierce – both artistic and logical deduction skills were pushed to the max. The competition was fierce in every sense of the word, with the teams tied at the end of the allotted time. This resulted in a “ Sudden Death Rainbow Round” to declare a winner.


The evening was lively, the sketches and guesses hilarious that truly made for an energetic and playful night of camaraderie and good natured competition that also welcomed new members to West Valley.