Making a Mark: West Valley’s Art Project For Central one•n•ten

By Avi Vieira
With a raid of the art supplies bin; the creativity of the youth at West Valley one•n•ten was unleashed on a project serving as both a token of appreciation to one•n•ten but also serve as a symbol of how much our youth are positively impacted by the presence and development of satellite groups such as Tempe, Mesa, and West Valley. With Captain Mike Schneider away this evening, the evening’s activities. In no time the youth were pulling out markers, ribbon, colored feathers, and plastic jewels as they discussed amongst themselves what they wanted to represent before creating a candy colored offering of thanks to one•n•ten that will leave an impression on the youth at the central drop in center and serve as a visual message to visitors of West Valley’s existence. There was no doubt by any in the group that with its bedazzled and feathery design it was completely West Valley, and would indeed turn heads.
This project both allowed the youth to express their creativity in a tangible gift to the drop in center, but also remind first time visitors to central one•n•ten of the existence and expansion of groups across the valley that have made such a positive difference in so many LGBTQ youth’s lives.