OUTscouts! Survival Trip – one•n•ten

Trail Log: Feb 17th, 2013 (day 3)

Location: Flowing Springs, North of Payson, AZ

“ I woke up and Kalen and Jason were making breakfast for us while Brendan and I filtered water out of the stream. Then we packed up all of our gear, and gathered in a circle and Kado and Lora taught us about (wilderness) survival. I remembers a lot of the stuff Kado was asking us, like what do you do when you get lost? S.T.O.P. [Stop.Think.Observe.Plan]. She then went over what you do before you leave on a camping trip. This really helped refresh my memory because I have been doing a lot of camping with friends and I never tell anyone where I am going. I just go. After we went over that we were given  two cords of rope and a tarp and told to work together to build a shelter for survival purposes. We all decided to use the tarp and build a tee pee. We put a lot of rocks on the side, then we made a stopper [on the line holding the tarp], so that if it rained water would not get into our shelter. After that, we all took the challenge of building a secure shelter [made completely out of items found in nature]. We used the surrounding trees, branches, leaves, etc. We worked over an hour trying to build a legit shelter, which we ended up doing! It was awesome!” – an OUTscout!