West Valley’s Spookfest Extravaganza!!! : Halloween 2012

By Avi Vieira Glendale

  As “Tubular Bells,” “Thriller,” “The Monster Mash” and other haunted music played in the background, an evening of costumed fun was on the agenda at West Valley one•n•tenas the group celebrated it’s second annual Halloween party. It was a night of games, treats, scary stories, fortune telling, and even a chance to do the Time Warp (again!). Starting with the West Valley favorite; Mummy Wrap, pairs took rolls of toilet paper to shroud willing “mummies” from head to toe in wrappings before the undead rose and walked again. The game that followed was a new take on the relay race: Apple Relay – where pairs rolled apples across the room using only their foreheads to their awaiting teammate who rolled them back. The game was over when dizzieness took over, prompting a change of pace to cozy up on the couches and share not only sweet and sugary treats, but scary stories while a fortune teller read palms to answer questions about the future. Folks shared stories of unexplained and otherwise spooky experiences that have happened to them or close friends that ranged from experiences with entities, appirations, and other spirts due to being in haunted houses, neighborhoods, playing with ouija boards, and how they were able to get away from such terrifying experiences. To balance the mood of the evening out, stories were also shared of good unexplained or supernatural experiences such as protective spirits or angels. The evening came to a close with everyone jumping to their feet as the familiar lyrics blared on the speakers prompting both veterans to grab a newbie to instruct how to do the Time Warp – which anyone listening to the lyrics can do. While there were no standard audience participation lines called out, there was plenty of smiles and dancing as the group started with a jump to the left. Before they were even aware, the group was dancing along like true old-timers. As the song and dance number came to a close, so too did the evening with many youth leaving with smiles and statements that they were glad to make it on the new night and location.