Tempe Recap 11-13-12

Tempe Recap

By Bobby Beverly

Our Tuesday meeting on November 13 was all about laying the foundation for the Tempe one•n•ten group, which is currently under the new leadership of Mickale and myself. After social time and an icebreaker Mickale and I split the youth and volunteers into 6 groups. We distributed to each group a large puzzle piece and instructed them to brainstorm topics and activities for their ideal night of programming. The groups filled one side of the puzzle piece with the ideas they generated and, after doing so, we had them flip it and write all of the things they don’t want to see. To continue with this theme of youth contribution, we had a member from each group present to the rest of us their ideas. It was as eye-opening an experience for the youth as it was for Mickale and me, and served to remind our attendees that this is their group and that their opinion will help dictate what programming will be like at Tempe one•n•ten.