Q High News Story Featured On USA Today’s Website & Front Page Of The AZ Republic!

Eddi Trevizo’s recent story about our Q High program has not only made the front page of the Arizona Republic, but was also featured on USA Today‘s website.

The full story can be found at either of the below links:



Or you may read the follow excerpt:

one•n•ten, a local non-profit that provides gay youths with mentoring and other services to promote self-acceptance, healthy choices and work preparation, partnered with the online public-charter school Arizona Virtual Academy to create the hybrid program. It’s the first in Arizona and one of only a handful nationally.

Classes are held at the non-profit’s downtown-Phoenix headquarters, but the Virtual Academy issues the diploma.

one•n•ten officials set out to create Q High after learning young people participating in their LGBT youth program weren’t attending school because they had been bullied.

“We found that staggering,” said Stacey Jay Cavaliere, programs manager at one•n•ten.

The school is geared toward gay youths but is open to any student.

With private donations, the non-profit set up a computer lab with enough equipment for about 25 students. In March, the group launched a pilot program with 10 students.

Q High’s first full year of coursework began in August, with 14 students. Students enroll in either an 18-week program of six to eight classes or special “block” programs of three classes over nine weeks.

one•n•ten‘s headquarters has been converted into a high school with bell schedules, study periods, lunch breaks and group activities to provide structure the students would not get taking online courses.

They take classes together in the computer lab under the supervision of a Virtual Academy teaching aide who answers questions about coursework.”