So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu… West Valley Marks Sendoff to New Night and Location

By Avi Vieira Glendale Meeting on a whole new night of the week, one•n•ten West Valley took some time to reflect on fond personal memories during the past 18+ months it made the Glendale JAG center its weekly home, and looked to the future of the new location by discussing topics youth would like to see in future groups. Our illustrious captain, Program Coordinator Mike Schneider set course for the evening by welcoming the group to Tuesday nights, the new night for West Valley one•n•ten and asked everyone in attendance to share a favorite, funny, or otherwise memorable time they experienced at group. There were several tales of first nights and not knowing what to make of things. Others had favorite theme nights such as cooking and karaoke nights, while others had particular funny moments they will never forget, like one of Glendale’s finest at last year’s Halloween party. The night then moved on to exploring the group’s favorite nights of activities, guest speakers, topics; and what they would like to see repeated. New topics were discussed as well that ranged from having straight allies join the group for a night, dating and relationships, new guest speakers, and LGBTQ psychology. The night ended with social time and a final goodbye to the JAG center as next week West Valley starts a new chapter at its new home at 8607 N 59th Ave Suite #3A, and as always welcomes old friends and new faces to join us every week.