Tyin’ a Yellow Ribbon: West Valley’s Project for Suicide Prevention & Awareness

By Avi

This week West Valley one•n•tentook some time to recognize the recent efforts outreach to schools in the valley on suicide prevention and identifying one’s mitigating Sources of Strength. A quick discussion had youth identifying their sources of strength as close friends or family, accepting teachers or religious leaders, medical or mental health providers; or positive hobbies such as music, movies, sports or exercise. The group was reminded of one•n•ten’s Life in My Shoes campaign and encouraged to share their own personal stories where they find their strength in times of trouble.

The group was then introduced to the projects for the night: creating yellow and rainbow ribbons to signify suicide awareness within the LGBTQ community that they could take home or to school, as well as making enough for one•n•tento distribute in upcoming outreach events. It didn’t take long for an assembly like system emerged with the group producing ribbons like professional factory workers, creating a substantial number of ribbons. As an additional project the group was also encouraged to use provided thank you cards to give to their personal sources of strength as a small gesture of gratitude for their support. In all the night kept the mood positive and engaging for what is usually a difficult topic to discuss, and allowed for the youth to craft something personal that would help to spread awareness of suicide in the LGBT community, and in turn help to prevent it.