Volunteers of the month

May: BeeDee Foxwell

BeeDee has been such a wonderful asset to the youth of one n ten for several years now. She goes above and beyond, especially during Pride season as she rolls along 3rd Street in her truck (THE BEAST) leading the way for our beautiful LGBTQ youth rainbow in the Parade every year. Her presence at the Y.E.P. House was remarkable as she payed “mother” to many of the youth there, flying on her strength and love. Her humor, spunk, and dedication the one n ten‘s various programs have been invaluable the past few years, and although BeeDee is stepping back as a regular volunteer, she will always be in the hearts and minds of us all!


June: Luisa Valdez

Luisa recently stepped back as a regular volunteer from one n ten, but will always be remembered for her love and wisdom to the youth in our programs. Otherwise known as “The Herbalista”, Luisa has shown tremendous strength and support to all the youth across the Valley. Her involvement with OUTDoors Camp, the Y.E.P. House, the Sources of Strength suicide prevention program, and teaching yoga at the one n ten Youth Center has been a huge asset and a whole to of fun! Thank you Luisa for your years of dedicated service to the youth, fellow volunteers, and staff.


July: Shane Bullock

A new volunteer to one n ten, Shane has stepped up to the plate and gone above and beyond the call of duty in the short time he has begun volunteering. His service in helping with OUTDoors Camp fundraising and donation drives, his weekly presence at the youth center, and his commitment to other special events and activities has truly demonstrated his love and passion to our youth.

We are looking forward to seeing Shane excel as a first-time Camp Counselor this year, and his future endeavors and presence at the Youth Center. Congratulations Shane, and welcome to the one n ten family!