Transformative Cinema: West Valley’s Movie Night

By Avi Vieira

With the lights dim and everyone getting comfortable, West Valley one n ten settled in for a slightly more serious Gay Movie Night as they welcomed special guests from local LGBT friendly church Casa de Cristo. The movie of the evening was TRANS, a documentary film following the lives of 6 trans individuals inspired by the story of Dr. Christine McGinn, and her important work as not only a trans woman herself, but being a transgender surgeon as well. The film provided an up-close and very personal look into the lives and challenges of a cast of characters of all ages and from all walks of life.

In the film there was 7-year-old Danann and her parents as they both realize her discomfort at her birth gender, and her expressed one. Also there is Cris, a biological female who is just discovering his true gender identity and how to work that into his current relationship. Pam and Erica discover the thrill and the heartbreak of transitioning late in life and risking everything to be able to be their authentic selves and cope with families negative reactions to their identities pre and post surgery. Afterwards there was time for some discussion and questions from the group. While being a more serious movie night than in the past, it remained positive and informative which encouraged dialogue about trans identity and issues that so closely mirror the past struggles of the LGB community. With so much in common, it gives us time to pause and reaffirm our support and acceptance for our trans family.