Spinnin’ a Yarn or Two: West Valley gets hooked on Crochet

By Avi Vieira

With heavy concentration and the occasional curse, West Valley one n ten got it’s hooks into learning all about the art and skill of crochet as one of our own youth, Skyler G took the captain’s chair to lead the group. Starting with displaying examples of more intricate pieces he has created for himself as well as for sale for his web based business http://crochetnknit.weebly.com/ the night progressed into participants trying their own hands at creating their own pieces.

Skyler walked the others through the beginning process by demonstrating how to create the loops and the initial chains first by demonstrating, then by walking over and coaching the others through their progress, making corrections as needed, and giving overall encouragement and reassurance that the skill takes time to master. Still, some frustrations were apparent, and even some of the more cool and collected personalities were pushed to the edge. Despite the frustrations of a few, the mood was still light and playful, with shared laughter over mishaps, corrections, and the successes or forfeits by participants.

The evening proved to be a lively, and entertaining one, where one of our youth had the opportunity to share his interests, skills, and pass on a bit of that to other youth which proved to be a valuable experience for all involved. Much like the chains of yarn created, links were spun between the youth that not only brings them closer, but offers strength and support when together.