Let’s Talk: West Valley Shares their High’s and Low’s

By Avi Vieira

With the end of the school year comes a year’s worth of memories both good and bad. This week, one n ten West Valley asked participants to share the best and worst things that happened to them in the past year, being able to vent pet peeves, and share memorable milestones and accomplishments with the rest of the group.

As everyone shared their downs, the stories ranged from general feelings of hating classes and teachers, some were personal frustrations such as not being able to find other LGBTQ youth at a new school, experiences in rehab, problems with family, and substance use. Other stories shared were reactions to discovering that older siblings have graduated and will be moving out, and the youths realization that their family dynamic is about to change. Some downs were of not being able to attend one n ten group for a while, as shared feelings of missing out.

On the more positive side; there was a lot of relief of completing another year of school, excitement over being able to drive and getting a job, having a successful season at sports, doing well in classes, and activities such as band and choir. Other positive experiences included getting new jobs, experiences with open mic nights.

The evening ended with some fun venting of pet peeves, simply venting out things that annoy us; from fashion faux pas, to social media behavior, and attitudes by peers at school, and that Keeping up With the Kardashians was renewed (not to yuck anyone else’s yum). The night proved to be a fun one as participants had the opportunity to get memories and concerns off their chests, and move into summer with a fresh step and more positive outlook.