Meet & Greet: Speedy Style in Mesa

By Bobby Beverly

The May 17th session in Mesa was a new take on the meet & greet; in the style of speed interviews. The youth were given paper and markers and initially asked to draw a portrait of what their life looked like. Everything from school majors, to musical taste, to hobbies were included. It was up to the first person with whom they shared their “life portrait” to present it to the rest of the group. This was followed in succession by further rounds of ice-breaker topics, along with the rotating of partners to discuss with, which allowed for everyone to get to know one another in a brand new way.

Upcoming events include a Camp Presentation by Kado (6/7), a group discussion on “Identity, Power, and Social Class”, and the beginning of our Belief Series with the topic of “Religion vs. Spirituality.” Be sure to check out the Mesa 1n10 Facebook page for the most up to date info. See you Mesa!