Don’t Stop Believing: West Valley’s Karaoke Night

By Avi Vieira

With mics in hand, and music from a wide range of decades and genres, West Valley youth got to tap into their inner divas and rockstars as they participated in karaoke night. With the obvious selections of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, selections ranged to more classic artists like Madonna, Queen, No Doubt; 80’s bands such as The Cure; and classic rock bands such as The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac.

The night was lively and full of energy of both participants as well as those in the audience singing backup or just cheering along as only one can find when school is over for the summer. Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time with no worries about singing abilities and simply join in the fun with encouragement from everyone else in the group.

The activities proved to be a fantastic outlet for these energies as the youth officially kicked off their summer break and will undoubtedly be just as lively in upcoming meetings, but attend with greater regularity until the fall.