Camp Tales with Kado: West Valley gets the 411 on OUTdoors Gay Camp

By Avi Vieira Glendale

This week West Valley one n ten was joined by our very own OUTdoors gay camp director Kado Stewart as stories were shared by youth and volunteers alike for new faces interested in this year’s upcoming gay camp in Prescott. With a number of youth having attended previously, they were encouraged to talk about their experiences in applying, being at camp, activities, participation, and favorite moments which seemed to be shared by many. Kado then went on to premiere the promotional video for OUTdoors gay camp, and share a power point presentation which allowed new youth to learn about camp in greater detail including how to apply for camp, rules and guidelines, the number of other campers to expect, how the cabins assignments break down, and the type of activities to expect. Finally, a Q&A session wrapped up the evening, where questions about cost (free for AZ youth) were answered as well as those about technology (no cell phones, etc allowed), and the process of how camp applications are reviewed. It proved to be an informative night, but also a fun one that allowed experienced youth to step up and encourage newer faces to apply to camp this year, which looks to be even more exciting than ever.