YOUTH CENTER AND FIRST LGBTQ SCHOOL OPENS IN ARIZONA Historic moment in state’s history commemorated by ribbon cutting

PHOENIX, ARIZ. (April 3, 2012) on April 13, 2012 Mayor Greg Stanton and Councilman Tom Simplot will cut the ribbon in a historical moment for Arizona. For the first time, Phoenix will have a functional LGBTQ facility that will include a youth programming facility and alternative high school.

one n ten provides a safe place for LGBTQ youth to gather, make friends and find empowering programs. While the youth demographics vary month to month, generally one-third of the youth served by this facility are high school dropouts and half are homeless.

This new 2900 sq. ft. facility enables one n ten to expand programming and accommodate more youth, including the addition of Q High, one n ten’s new learning center. Q High provides a high quality, accredited high school curriculum to enable LGBTQ youth who have dropped out of school the opportunity to earn a high school diploma. Most of these youth who have dropped out of school have done so because of bullying, so the availability of a safe and welcoming school is critical to their willingness to re-enroll in school.

“First and foremost, we have to put an end to bullying in our schools so our kids can feel safe as students,study hard to succeed in life and be productive in our community,” Mayor Greg Stanton said. “That’s going to take a lot of hard work, but I am dedicated, and I know we can make it happen. Until then, we also need to protect kids who are bullied. one n ten continues to do that with their programs, youth center and school because our kids deserve to live their lives no matter who they are. Diversity is our strength in Phoenix.”            

Other programs offered by one n ten include a suicide prevention program; OUTDoors Camp now in its 5th year provided summer camp programs for over 150 LGBTQ youth last year; arts, culture and music programs and field trips; two softball teams, a volleyball team and the Fusion Dance Team.

The facility serves 60 to 80 LGBTQ youth per day. A daily meal is served, counseling is available 4 days a week, and a new shower at the facility is a welcome addition for homeless youth.

one n ten’s mission is to serve LGBTQ youth and young adults. It enhances their lives by providing empowering social and service programs that promote self-expression, self acceptance, leadership development and healthy life choices.

“This is not only an historic accomplishment for our youth and city, but most importantly it’s a victory that will give our youth in need a second chance. Being a former student that dropped out of high school due to bullying, I think the launch of an alternative high school is an incredible opportunity that will allow our youth to continue their education in a safe place.” Caleb Laieski, Youth and Diversity Liaison, Office of Mayor Greg Stanton.

For more information, please contact Linda Elliott, Executive Director of one n ten at or 602-400-2601.

When: one n ten new facility Ribbon Cutting, April 13, 2012, 2:30pm

Where: 3660 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Some Facts about LGBTQ youth in Arizona:

  • Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in youth ages 15 – 24 in Arizona.
  • Estimates suggest that 30% of these suicides are LGBTQ youth.
  • Key risk factors among LGBTQ youth include harassment and bullying, discrimination, devaluation by society and family rejection.
  • A study of LGBTQ youth who had experienced family rejection due to the their sexual orientation and/or gender expression were found to be 5.9 times more likely to report high levels of depression and 8.4 times more likely to report having attempted  or committed suicide compared with peers who reported no or low levels of rejection.
  • While LGBTQ youth are estimated to be 5-10% of the youth population, they make up 20-40% of homeless youth.  It is estimated that 60% of those LGBTQ homeless youth do not receive a high school diploma.

About one n ten

one n ten is a not-for-profit agency dedicated to serving and assisting LGBTQ youth and young adults ages 14-24. one n ten serves 800 unique youth per year at its facilities. During any given week, one n ten serves about 300 youth.  Some come sporadically, some come consistently, and the agency serves around 30 new youth per month. 60-70% of the youth served are Latino and 50% are homeless. one n ten provides participants with tools to improve self-esteem and acceptance of who they are and enhance their lives by providing empowering social and service programs that promote self‐expression, self‐acceptance, leadership development and healthy life choices. By creating a safe space, mentally and physically, for youth of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds one n ten covers a wide range of social, educational, health, and community issues. Youth with particular needs have the option to speak with peers or volunteers one-on-one, in a supervised setting. one n ten offers resources for healthy living and making healthy choices, as well as social networking opportunities appropriate for developing leadership skills and having fun.