Out and Out Laughs: Gay Movie Night in West Valley

By Avi Vieira Glendale

Blending the humor of last week’s coming out stories with the excitement for Pride, one n ten West Valley hosted a Gay Movie Night full of laughs and rainbow colored snacks as the group was shown “In & Out”, the 1997 gay romantic comedy starring Kevin Kline as a high school teacher about to get married to his longtime fiancée (Joan Cusack), when he is outed by a former student during a speech after winning an academy award and thanking his teacher, adding “and he’s gay”. Hilarity ensues as Kline’s character first tries to deny his homosexuality, move ahead with his wedding plans, and even use a self-help take to “restore his masculinity” before coming around and admitting to himself and those around him that he is indeed gay. The movie proved to be both touching and funny, often at the same time where chuckles and sighs could be heard by the group. None of the youth had ever seen this film before, and were unaware of it breaking ground in the late 90’s as a film that depicted homosexuality in mainstream America while at the same time separating the sex from sexuality. It was fun to watch reactions to the famous 10 second kiss (which seems 3 times as long) between Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck. It made for a lighthearted evening that touched on the more humorous stories of coming out as shared by youth last week, and allowed them to just relax without a serious discussion or agenda this week as everyone turns their attention to pride with anticipation.