Mesa one n ten Explores The History Of Pride

By Bobby Beverly


This past week in Mesa we took a trip down memory lane. As we continue further into 2012, so too are we delving deeper into what it means to be GLBTQ youth in America today. To accurately assess where we are at, we must take stock of what has come before and so we looked at the history of PRIDE. Lora presented impactful touchstone events that have shaped the modern gay rights movements since Stonewall. Being that this information is generally omitted from high school curriculum (and most of college for that matter) the topic was engaging and well received by the youth as it was most certainly news to them.

Looking ahead, we will have sessions in Mesa including a tee-shirt design night and a night devoted to transgender awareness. On 4/19 Frank Garcia of the City of Phoenix Human Services Department Family Advocacy Center is coming to talk about healthy relationships. On 4/26 our topic will be “Excited About/Bummed About” night. Also, you may have heard through “the grapevine” (i.e. Kado) that we will be having a one n ten table at PRIDE. Stop by and say hello; you’ll know it’s us by our distinctive, beautiful signs.