Mesa Expresses Themselves For Pride

Greetings one n ten supporters! We have had an eventful past couple of weeks at our Mesa satellite group. In preparations for Pride, we had a blast making tee shirts that the youth could wear at the festivities. With an array of stencils, spray paint, and the like, the group made some pretty excellent creations; many of whom displayed an artistic flare that put the volunteers to shame (namely myself). After the preceding session where we discussed the history of Pride, it was nice to switch gears and partake in activities that demonstrate part of what Pride is all about: expressing yourself. Our next meeting however took on a more serious tone. We were joined by Frank Garcia and Cherie Key, victim advocates with the City of Phoenix Human Services Family Advocacy Center. They have been making an increased effort on behalf of their department to reach out to the LGBTQ community and let us know about the resources available to gay and transgender victims of domestic abuse. Through the police, they have noticed and increase in incidences of abuse in our community, yet there has not been an increase in individuals who utilize these services which can help prevent these worst case scenarios. In addition to presenting the services they provide, they also gave the youth tips on recognizing the signs of an abusive relationship and advice for how to maintain a healthy one. We greatly appreciate them taking the time to speak to us, and though it is not an enjoyable subject to address it is a necessary one nonetheless.