one n ten Q High Alternative Learning Program

Program Objective – identify, mentor, direct and serve at-risk LGBTQ youth through our one n ten “Q High” alternative learning program. The “Q High” program offers an onsite computer-based online alternative learning program with experienced instructors to guide and assist the students to achieve a high school diploma. one n ten offers “ Q High,” in collaboration with the accredited Arizona Virtual Academy, to all LGBTQ and Ally youth ages 13-20 throughout the Phoenix Metro Area. The curriculum aligns with all local and state academic standards and requirements – and is designed for students who need or prefer an alternative education. With funding for LGBTQ youth specific outreach and support, one n ten enrolls and mentors youth through this holistic and life changing program. A high school diploma is a prerequisite for any level of success in our society and a necessity if these youth are to become productive adults. one n ten has a long and successful history of implementing LGBTQ specific youth empowerment programming; we include this alternative education program with the goal of at-risk LGBTQ and Ally youth earning a high school diploma. one n ten has high accessibility to at-risk LGBTQ youth. one n ten serves 800 LGBTQ unique youth per year at its facilities. During any given week, one n ten serves about 300 youth. Some come to us sporadically, some come consistently, and we see around 30 new youth per month. Through Q High, one n ten implements our LGBTQ youth specific recruitment and mentoring model for LGBTQ and Ally youth who have dropped out of school, are at-risk for dropping out of school, are at-risk for academic failure, and/or are not thriving in their current academic environment, due to: homelessness, poverty, bullying, harassment, family conflict, peer conflict, transportation issues, lack of support, issues with self-acceptance, and/or lack of cultural diversity and understanding. Often at-risk LGBTQ youth have not been identified and encouraged to enroll in existing alternative learning programs, or face barriers when attempting to change or improve their learning environment and learning experience. Traditional approaches of outreach have not been successful in reaching LGBTQ youth, particularly those who are homeless and/or at-risk. Through offering “Q High” as an alternative learning program, designed specifically to address the needs of at-risk LGBTQ and Ally youth, along with implementing culturally appropriate outreach, recruitment, and services, one n ten significantly reduces the risk our LGBTQ youth often face and endure, while increasing youth empowerment, life success, self-acceptance, achievement and leadership. Q High is an official program of our one n ten youth center, an accredited high school completion program, where LGBTQ and Ally Youth can be accepted, be empowered; and earn their high school diploma through a required 25 hours per week in a diverse and supportive environment. Q High is free education, online, self-paced, offers flexible hours, and includes onsite mentors, bus passes for transportation, incentives, free meals, volunteer opportunities, holistic youth resources, and a variety of social programs.