Dear Diary…Journaling With West Valley 1n10

By Avi Vieira


This week’s group over in West Valley found itself exploring the personal, the expressing, and the organizing of thoughts that journaling provides. Led by 1n10’s own Bea Velazquez the evening started by identifying what journaling is and what it provides for different people; be it allowing one to vent thoughts and feelings, organize thoughts, or express oneself creatively. In a twist from the familiar and traditional method of journaling, the group was introduced to journaling through art as well as words and allowing each participant to tap into their full creative abilities.

The group were given journals and asked to write an intention in the journal: a short sentence identifying the theme of their entries. When all had identified and written down their intentions, a brief guided meditation exercise was done to help identify their journal intentions visually. Scribbles and doodles quickly began to fill the pages of each journal as the youth tried to capture what they pictured in their mind’s eye. Art supplies were snatched up as creativity and artistic expression poured forth.

To close the evening, the group was asked if anyone wished to share their intentions or their art which ranged from the cheerful and optimistic to somber and even abstract pieces. Though everyone was given the same instructions and project, the results were as speckled and imaginative as the individuals themselves.