1n10 WV Poetry Night – Thoughts From the Middle of the Heart

By Avi Vieira

This week 1n10 West Valley youth channeled their inner Shakespeare for poetry night with a variety of activities that allowed for expression, creativity, and an uneven rhyme scheme.

Opening up the evening, members shared both original poetry and favorite works of others that ranged from introspective thoughts, sorrow, longing, and even shared a humorous limerick or two.

The main event involved full group participation as a patchwork poem was written by participants each writing two lines without knowing what the previous lines were about, which resulted in a hilariously bizarre masterpiece of randomness that ran the gamut of love, family, support, and depression; to more specific topics such as working at Arby’s and clutching one’s blue blanket. It was every bit as diverse and creative as the individuals contributing to the whole which made it great – a metaphor for 1n10 itself.