1n10 West Valley- Mini Halloween Night; a Rainbow Monster Mash

By Avi Vieira

1n10 West Valley was overrun with stick figures, anime characters, wild things, Greeks, and reflections as it celebrated its first annual mini Halloween night. A night of tricks, treats, fortune telling, music, and even a surprise visitor were the order of the evening starting with a very special guest fortune teller Scott Wheeler who read tarot cards for willing volunteers. The rest of the group participated in several activities that were both festive and hilarious, and only slightly more frenzied due to massive sugar rushes.

The first activity of the evening was Mummy Wrapping. Players broke into pairs and competed against other teams in who could wrap their mummy the fastest with a roll of tissue paper (Great Scott!). Hilarity ensued as the “embalmers” worked as fast as they could, making sure no wrapping touched the ground. The next activity was a twist on the classic game bobbing for apples; which were hung from the ceiling by string for players to grab using only their mouths to take to the judges, and proved to be quite the challenge. The next activity was a Hot Pumpkin toss: similar to Hot Potato with the stakes and difficulty being raised every so often.

The final activity of the evening had the youth again break into pairs as they worked to come up with the scariest story to be told to and judged by volunteers. Taking advantage of the spooky atmosphere, tales were spun of torture, horror, and misfortune. As with the other activities of the evening, prizes were given to winners and runner ups. Given the atmosphere, it’s hard to tell who was more excited to celebrate the evening; volunteers or youth. Halloween brings out the kid in you no matter what one’s age, which is powerful magic of the most positive kind.