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See below a list of multiple LGBTQ+ competency trainings that are available for your company, organization, or group.

Youth-Serving Organizations 

LGBTQ+ youth deserve a safe and inclusive space to be themselves without fear of judgement, ridicule, or retaliation. Even with the best intentions, staff of youth-serving organizations can still need education, advice, and guidance on how support their LGBTQ+ youth. one•n•ten has been creating safe spaces for youth since 1993, and we can help you develop best practices at your youth-serving organization for creating safe spaces. In our trainings, you walk away with tangible action items that you can begin to impliment at your youth-serving organization right away.

Youth Camps

Camp is a time for exploring yourself, developing leadership skills, and cultivating friendships. For LGBTQ+ youth, camp can be a stressful time where their identities are not seen, validated, or even allowed. one•n•ten has the world’s largest LGBTQ+ summer camp in the world. Now in it’s 12th year, Camp OUTdoors is the expert in providing a safe, inclusive summer camp for LGBTQ+ youth. With more LGBTQ+ youth entering camps now than ever before, we can use our expertise to help you craft policies and develop best practices that support, affirm, and celebrate all of your campers.

Workplace Inclusion

Ensuring that your workplace is inclusive of LGBTQ+ folks can appear to be a daunting task. In one•n•ten’s Workplace Inclusion trainings, we break down large definitions into digestible, understandable concepts, and provide you with tools to begin making change in your workplace tomorrow.

General LGBTQ+ Inclusion

one•n•ten has been serving LGBTQ+ youth in Arizona since 1993 and has worked with a number of organizations throughout the state on how to better serve their LGBTQ+ employees, staff, and clients through comprehensive trainings and workshops. If you’re organization is interested in a LGBTQ+ competency training that is not specifically listed here, contact us and we will work with you on developing a training that addresses your organization’s specific needs.

LGBTQ+ General Presentations

In addition to formal trainings, one•n•ten also offers general LGBTQ+ presentations for your organization. Whether it’s LGBTQ+ history, basic concepts, or local policies, one•n•ten’s staff can provide your organization with a brief, yet comprehensive, educational presentation.

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