Safe Space Guidelines

To keep one•n•ten a safe space, respect and follow these guidelines at our Youth Center, Satellite Centers and during all other events.

  1. “One diva, one mic” – Only one person speaking at a time. Don’t interrupt others when they have the “mic.”
  2. “Step up, step back” – If you are someone who likes to talk a lot, take a “step back” and let others share their opinions and stories. If you are someone who is usually quiet, “step up” and make your voice heard!
  3. “Don’t yuck my yum” – Respect other people’s opinions, ideals, and preferences if they are different from your own. In other words, don’t be hatin’!
  4. one•n•ten is a safe space, not a hook up space” – Sexual activity is not allowed at the center. (But condoms, dental dams, and lube are available and free for use outside of the Center. If you’re going to play, play it safe!)
  5. “Sober up before you show up” – Drugs and alcohol are not permitted at one•n•ten, so if you have been using outside of the space, sober up before coming into the Center.
  6. “Save the drama for your mama (and if your mama don’t want it, we have counseling)” – Leave all drama outside of the Center, and if you are having a bad day and need to talk to someone, the counselors are available.
  7. “Personalize, don’t generalize” – Make your statements personal opinions and stories and don’t over-generalize about groups of people or tell stories about other people without their consent. (Use “I” statements rather than “they.”)
  8. “Say it to my face and not my Facebook” – Don’t talk about other people from one•n•ten on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you are having an issue with another youth, staff member or adult volunteer, please let a staff member know immediately.
  9. “Confidentiality” – What is said at one•n•ten, stays at one•n•ten. That includes no “outing” of other youth.
  10. “Don’t put the label on the record” – Don’t make assumptions about someone or stereotype them based on your perception of them.
  11. “No haters, weapons, or violence” – No weapons, hate speech/language, or verbal/physical/mental violence is allowed at one•n•ten.
  12. “It’s always Sunny, where there’s no shade” – No backhanded compliments or talking behind people’s back.
  13. “Be your selfie, not your cell phone” – Stay present at group, do not text or be on your phone while group is happening.

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