Better Than the Petting Zoo at Mesa one·n·ten!


Mesa, AZ
Jackson Stapley

From sweety little beasties to ladybugs and a stoic young Rex, the Mesa one·n·ten group got to make new friends using their creativity, some art supplies, and rocks!

At this fun and artsy session, each and every one of the twenty-some-odd participants showcased their unique personality as they decorated and named their own pet rock(s). While some decorated their rock to resemble existing animals such as ladybugs, others created their own new creatures that looked like something you might see on Monsters Inc. Thanks to a great turn out (thank you, Facebook!), there was a lot of diversity and a lot of new rock pals brought into the world!

Just goes to show, no matter what you’re decorated with on the outside, on the inside you’re still a rock! Er, I mean person…