Shining in the Spotlight: West Valley’s Open Mic Night


By Avi Vieira



This week, West Valley one•n•ten was treated to an evening of music, song, comedy, poetry, and art as the youth took to the stage for Open Mic Night!  Beginning with a group question asking about times when they shined or had otherwise memorable moments in the spotlight, group members then prepared for a night of various talents for all to enjoy.  Choosing to step up for this night, our intern and Lieutenant Natalie took over hosting the show and handing the microphone to the variety of performers.

Supported by an eager and enthusiastic audience, the performances ranged from music and singing with youth bringing musical instruments to accompany them.  Some chose to do stand up comedy and comedic improv.  One of our youth shared some of his art and sketchings he has made, and another shared very moving poetry.  The showcase closed with Natalie sharing her own singing talents for the group to enjoy before a round of applause was held for all.

The night was a fun and lively one as the youth were able to share their talents in a safe and supportive environment that even allowed one of the adult volunteers to share with the youth!