The Youth Transition Program Club at Mesquite High School makes generous donation to one•n•ten

On February 6th, one•n•ten received a generous donation from the Youth Transition Program (YTP) club at Mesquite High School in Gilbert. The teacher responsible for advising the club, Jeff Fox, had heard from another teacher, Diane Drazinski, about the donation drive that took place on Martin Luther King Day. Many of the other clubs in the school immediately started collecting lots of supplies which they gave to Ms. Drazinski to donate on January 21st. The seniors that make up the YTP club had been looking for a worthy recipient of the grant money they had access to for a service project. Mr. Fox applied for the money, then the club members bought $500 worth of gift cards for use at large box stores. On the day the Youth Transition Program club donated the gift cards, the students learned a lot about the mission of one n ten and of HRC, the two organizations who partnered on the donation drive. They also learned about the high incidence of homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth. The club and the high school are eager to continue to support one n ten in the future. We thank them all for their caring and their generosity!