Filmed in Dragarama: West Valley Hosts Pageant for Junior Pride Crown

By Avi Vieira

Building from last week’s drag themed movie, West Valley one n ten brought the drag show experience up close and personal as it hosted Phoenix Pride and one n ten’s qualifying preliminary round youth drag pageant to crown the first ever Mister & Miss Junior Phoenix Gay Pride; the final round to be held at Rainbows Festival in October. With the room packed with judges, contestants, performers, family, and cheering audience members; the stage was set for a fabulous evening of glitter, glam, and entertainment, and no one was disappointed.

The youth and assembled audience clapped and cheered as the evening opened with a performance and speech by Miss Phoenix Pride 2012, Grecia Montes D’Occa. Wonderful and talented performers followed building up the mood and excitement for the evening as the winner of Miss one n ten West Valley: Halle O’Day was announced to a standing ovation. Overall it made for an exciting and magical night for everyone present, with many youth having their first exposure to a drag performer, and remarking that it was a great experience. It’s not often one can expose a youth to a whole new perspective and have it be so positive; which is the goal of one n ten and Phoenix Pride: positive exposure to new experiences within our LGBT community.