West Valley Calls Their Banners – Youth Let Their Queer Flags Fly

By Avi Vieira

With the 4th of July just recently past us, West Valley one n ten celebrated in their own way, namely focusing on a bit of American history as well as a bit of LGBT trivia before diving in to a crafts night where the youth had the opportunity to express their own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness as they made their own flags.

The evening started with a special treat of Rainbow Cake in a Jar as the group had a basic refresher in American History, the concept of the Stars and Stripes, and the meanings of its colors and symbols when then segued into a brief discussion about the LGBT pride flag, it’s history, and the meanings behind the colors in the current version as well as alternate ones.

The youth were then given the opportunity to create flags that represented themselves or, to borrow from our forefathers, represent their personal concept of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Fabric, paint, hot glue, markers, and glitter were provided as the youth set to work constructing their banners. It made for an imaginative twist on the usual 4th of July celebrations that everyone seemed to enjoy immensely.