May/June update from Mesa

By Bobby Beverly

As we’ve rounded the corner from May into June, programs at Mesa one n ten have continued to empower and challenge our attendees. On May 24th, we were lucky enough to be joined by Luisa “The Herbalista” who gave the youth and volunteers some tips and tricks to better their quality of life through the benefits of aromatherapy. Not only is Luisa a wonderfully bright and fun presenter, but she certainly opened our eyes to the impact that natural remedies can have on our emotional health.  Be sure to check her out at

Per the request of the group, on May 31st, we had a discussion on labels, and their ability to define and confine us. This conversation was an introduction to the “LGBT Alphabet” which is a necessary presentation that Stacey Jay has been giving to the one n ten groups across the valley. We are looking forward to him joining us to continue this dialogue in the upcoming weeks.

Most recently, on June 7th, were joined by the wonderful folks at the Arizona Gay Rodeo Association who introduced the group to their regular programming and their role in the community. They have also held fundraisers for one n ten and we thank them for their attendance and ongoing support. For upcoming AGRA events and to volunteer, see On the same night Lora gave a presentation on OUTdoors! Camp that included when and how to apply and the variety of activities they can enjoy if they are lucky enough to attend.

As far as upcoming programming goes, we are looking forward to a discussion on “Identity, Power, and Social Class” (6/14) at our next session. In the following weeks we will begin what is to become an ongoing series at the Mesa one n ten with our first installments in our “Religion & Spirituality” and “Heroes in Training” series (6/21 and 6/28 respectively).

In closing, Lora and I would like to give a special shout-out to our Class of 2012 graduates (there are quite a few!) and congratulate them on all of their hard work. While we are creating programs that will motivate them, it is these young adults who truly inspire us. Great Work!