West Valley was Kung Fu Fighting: Martial Arts Night

By Avi Vieira

This week, West Valley one n ten had the chance to experience martial arts as led by one of our own youth and special guests Javier and Nathan Gonzales from the Relson Gracie school of Jiu Juitsu spoke to the group about the philosophy of Brazilian jiu juitsu, demonstrated techniques, and shared stories of how it helped to build confidence as well as help defend when bullied.

The evening began with a round of question and answers how everyone got involved, what ages, and the popularity of the sport in the U.S. and Arizona. Other questions involved those of belt colors and ranks, and the differences between Japanese and Brazilian styles. After the question and answer session, demonstrations were given of several holds and take-down techniques that showed the philosophy of ending conflicts quickly and decisively.

The rest of the evening was devoted to social time and allowed the group to ask questions one on one with the guests and kindle their own interests in this and other martial arts. It made for a fun, active, and energetic evening for all.