Mesa celebrates “I’m Awesome” night

-By: Bobby Beverly

Greetings one n ten supporters! This past week in Mesa was our best session yet. We witnessed our highest turnout by far and had a great night of bonding, introspection, and even a little show-n-tell. A brainchild of Lora, the group’s leader, this past week’s theme was “I’m Awesome!”; during which each of the youth and volunteers shared what makes each of us awesome. Everything from family photos, to special skills, to personal testimonies were presented and each was met with the understanding and sincere appreciation Lora has come to foster within her group. Having each of us disclose something personal served to not only help us get to know each other better, but it also helped to nurture within each of us a skill that can easily go un-utilized. The goal was to get each person to realize just how crucial it is that we see what makes us special and vital, in the hope that we can view ourselves as such and begin to implement these virtues in our everyday lives. As a participant and observer I was truly touched by the candid nature of the youth and remain consistently impressed with the poise and resiliency with which they are living their lives. The future is looking bright!

Looking ahead, we have our usual meeting on Thursday 4/5/12, where we will discuss PRIDE, the role it has played in our shared cultural history, and what it means to us today. Of course we can’t forget that the actual Phoenix Pride Weekend is only a couple of weeks away, and to continue with this theme during our following session on 4/12/12 the youth will get to decorate shirts they can then wear during the festivities (FREE SHIRTS INCLUDED!). With that being said, we’re gonna keep on keepin’ on down in Mesa and, of course, showing our PRIDE! Onward and upward!