Prescription for a Speedy Recovery; West Valley’s Get Well Message to a Comrade

By Avi Vieira


This week one n ten West Valley youth discussed messages from the past, remembered goals for the future, and undertook a heartfelt art project with a message for a sick friend and fellow group member.

The evening began with the recall of the resolutions made for the new year as group members received letters from themselves written just before New Year (Dec 29th group) where future selves were encouraged to continue to pursue their new year’s resolution even if by now it is a distant memory. Those who struggled to keep their resolutions were encouraged to fine tune their goals and continue to work towards them.

The central activity of the evening involved creating get well cards for one of our West Valley one n ten youth who will be undergoing medical treatment. In typical fashion; crayons, markers, construction paper, and plenty of glitter were used in creating funny, earnest, and touching wishes for a speedy recovery, keep one’s chin up in the face of this obstacle, and a reminder that this absence is missed by all in the group. The rallying of our youth in support of their peer is deeply touching as it reflects the best characteristics in response to a bad situation.

To our friend/ally/ buddy/chum/companion:

We hope to see you back as soon as you can! <3