one•n•ten‘s Youth Mentoring Program connects LGBTQ youth and young adults with a qualified and valuable professional adult mentor. Participating youth are matched with a one•n•ten mentor for one year. However, our expectation is that this relationship will extend beyond this time period.

Once matched, mentors and mentees set goals and objectives to help youth who are seeking employment and internship opportunities.

Stewardship, leadership development, employment acquisition, and personal growth benchmarks will also be tracked and measured to evaluate individual and programmatic success.
Community members interested in volunteering for the one•n•ten Youth Mentoring Program must:

  • Complete an interest survey, mentor application and interview
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Provide personal and professional references
  • Complete a training program

Requirements to participate

Adults who wish to participate must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 25-years-old
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement
  • Complete mentor and volunteer trainings
  • Agree to record the times and dates of each contact and submit a monthly progress report
  • Check the Facebook Mentor group weekly
  • Attend program group events and activities
  • Agree to be a mentor for a minimum of one year, once matched
  • must contact their mentee AT LEAST four times a month and meet once a monthly in-person

Who to contact

For more information on the one•n•ten Youth Mentoring Program contact Stella Kowalczyk, Y.E.S Program Coordinator at or call (602) 400-2601.