PROMISE OF A NEW DAY Housing Program

The Need for LBGTQ Specific Supportive Housing Programs

It is calculated that there are currently over 53,000 homeless children in the state of Arizona, placing Arizona at #47 (1=best 50=worst) in the nation when considering child homelessness, child well-being, risk for child homelessness, state planning and policy activities.

While LGBTQ youth make up 5-10% of all youth, it is estimated that they make up 40-60% of the nation’s homeless children.  This means that there is at least an estimated 21,200 LGBTQ young people in the state of Arizona who are homeless.  The primary cause of homelessness among this group, including those traditionally served by one•n•ten, is a family that cannot or will not support them.

As LGBTQ youth experience homelessness, they seek services from programs which traditionally serve the homeless but are not equipped to successfully serve or create a safe space them. As a result, many youth end up living on the streets, or in unstable, unsafe housing. These circumstances severely limit their ability to pursue long term goals, such as holding a job or completing school or college, which would position them to be better able to care for themselves. Promise of a New Day is designed to bridge the gap that currently exists between programs that serve the general homeless population and those that serve the LGBTQ community.

Individual Studios in the Heart of Downtown

Promise of a New Day participants live in single-occupancy studio apartments in the heart of Downtown Phoenix. The building’s proximity to a variety of businesses, services, and the Metro Valley Light Rail makes it easy for participants to access education, services, and jobs throughout the valley. Though each participant lives independently, all youth are housed in the same building, allowing them to develop a sense of community and a 24-hour network of support among themselves.

How the Program is Structured

Promise of a New Day is a supportive housing program designed to help one•n•ten youth experiencing homelessness gain the skills necessary to successfully transition to independent living.  one•n•ten’s Case Manager works closely with the youth to ensure they have the resources to succeed.  This includes job training, life skill training, mental health counseling, transportation, and personal development goal-setting to guide their path.

 One-on-one Mentoring and Goal Development

With the support offered by one•n•ten’s Case Managers, each youth receives mentoring and individual goal review on a weekly basis. Participants also meet as a group once a week and participate in workshops ranging from basic nutritional knowledge to understanding personal finances. These weekly group and individual meetings offer each participant the resources, community, and support necessary for them to grow and succeed.

Career and educational development

Through one•n•ten’s educational development programs such as Q high, and collaborations with other valley-wide educational and work-force development programs, youth participants that are a part of Promise of a New Day are connected with the resources necessary for them to continue developing personally, educationally and professionally.

For Youth who’d like more info or an application, click HERE.

If you have general questions about the P.O.N.D. Program please email Sarah Kent at or call 602-561-4513.