Q High opened in March of 2012 to provide our LGBTQ and Straight Allied Youth a welcoming and safe space where they can go to school and earn their high school diploma. Q High is a partnership with Arizona Virtual Academy which is a public online charter school. With online public schooling we are able to provide individualized learning for every student using the K12 high school software program. Q High gives our students the opportunity to earn their actual high school diploma. The plan is designed to organize and properly sequence each student’s coursework while helping articulate his or her academic strengths and weaknesses. It is a community effort to help our students succeed we have teachers, parents, counselors, one n ten staff, and volunteers all work together to be there for all of our students.

There are multiple levels for all the diverse learners, K12 offers Math, English, Science, and History in multiple versions- Core, Comprehensive, Honors, Advance Placement, Remediation Courses and even Credit Recovery. Students can also choose from a variety of electives including Public Speaking, Anthropology, and Green Design and Technology.

Students have two options on the program they would like to enroll in. The first option is going on the traditional semester schedule and taking 6 online classes. The other options interested students have is enrolling in the block schedule, students take 3 classes every 9 weeks and all textbooks are 100% online. The setup is unique because this gives our students the opportunity to find jobs and take care of any other responsibilities they may have outside of school. Q High hours are Monday- Friday 9AM-4PM.

Each interested student will meet with the program Site Director Ashley Archibald to go over their individual academic and career goals, tour the one•n•ten Youth Center as well as go over the online learning community and start the application process.

To enroll or if you have any questions please contact Ashley Archibald, Q High Site Director via email aarchibald@k12.com or by phone 602-279-0894 to set up an appointment and we will begin your application process.