one•n•ten is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to serving and assisting
lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. We provide
youth with tools to improve self-esteem and self-acceptance.

We are seeking a full-time Executive Director who can provide strategic and
visionary leadership to the organization to execute its vision and mission. The
Executive Director is responsible for managing the daily operations and implementing
the vision, strategic goals and objectives of the organization. The Executive Director
supports the Board, directs the staff, builds and maintains stakeholder relationships,
develops and manages sources of income, and ensures the quality and effectiveness
of policy and program-related work.

Our Executive Director:
 understands the issues confronting LGBTQ youth and young adults including
those experiencing homelessness;
 is a seasoned professional who can lead and support a diverse team;
 is committed to ensuring high quality, effective programs and services for
LGBTQ youth;
 collaborates with partners, funders, policy makers and the community to
advocate for LGBTQ youth and reduce and end youth homelessness;
1. Organizational Development
 Establish and maintain strong partnerships with internal stakeholders (e.g.,
the staff, volunteers, and board members) to build the organization.
 Establish and maintain strong partnerships with external stakeholders (e.g.,
other organizations, funders, elected officials).
 Monitor the strategic plan, and oversight as needed.
 Maintain the credibility, reputation, and good standing of the organization.
2. Program Development and Management
 Ensure programming is developed and carried out in line with strategic plan
 Ensure that programs are mission driven and youth focused in delivery and
 Oversee program evaluation tools to ensure programs are meeting outcomes.
3. Fundraising and Resource Development
 Establish, maintain, and grow strong partnerships with external stakeholders
such as individual donors, elected officials, corporations, foundations, and
local & national LGBT groups, to build capacity.
 Direct grant writing, and reporting.
 Create, design, and implement an annual fundraising plan to increase the
donor base and overall dollars raised.
 Provide leadership and direction for special events.
 Provide guidance and training to Board of Directors to support their
fundraising efforts.
4. Financial and Operational Management
 Develop and monitor the annual budget.
 Maintain financial records in coordination with the Board finance committee,
treasurer, and accountant/auditor.
 Properly manage income and expenses.
 Prepare and present monthly financial reports to the Board.
 Work with auditors to ensure a clean, unconditional annual audit.
 Supervise/develop and build a strong staff, including hiring, firing,
performance reviews, and professional development.
 Oversee Board relations, including development of materials and staffing
 Ensure recruitment and retention of volunteers.


To Apply:
Send cover letter and resume to Board Chair, Carmen Jandacek at