High school and college

Q High, our online high school diploma program enables youth who have dropped out to complete their high school diploma.  We have had 15-17 youth enrolled since opening two years ago.

one•n•ten youth also qualify to receive the QU Scholarship to help fund their college education.

Fore more information on colleges and resources click HERE.

Career skills

one•n•ten‘s focus doesn’t end there. We prepare youth for successful transitions into the workforce. Our Youth Education and Success (YES) program is a 12 week workshop that teaches job skills, resume writing and mock interviews.   We hold three ongoing workshops in Central Phoenix, East Valley and West Valley to prepare youth for successful careers.

External education

one•n•ten provides local businesses external trainings on cultural competency, anti-bullying and “Starting a Gay-Straight Alliance.”

Fore more information on our training options visit onenten.org/training

Fill out the training request form HERE.

LGBTQ Student Resource

  • Resources for parents and family members of LGBT students
  • A list of scholarships and tips for transitioning to college
  • And most importantly, you will be sending a message of support to them and their families.

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