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Jun 03 2013

one•n•ten Featured In Arizona Foothills

Phoenix Area LBGTQ nonprofit; one•n•ten

by Lauren Topor

” Nearly two decades ago, one•n•ten began with a concerned group of LGBTQ members who were involved in the community but noticed a lack of positive opportunities for gay and lesbian youth ages 14 to 24 in the Valley. Soon after its development, the nonprofit began to serve the youth in need with constructive social activities like dances and free social spaces to engage and interact with their peers in a positive environment.

Fast forward 20 years, and you will find the evolution of a youth-driven community filled with educational resources (like Q-High, a system that allows youth to earn a real diploma, not a GED); competitive team sports; supportive housing programs; the largest traditional summer camp in the world exclusively for LGBTQ youth; supplemental health services and behavioral counseling; and, most importantly, safe spaces for young people to connect with others who share the same experiences. “Our community has always taken care of each other. It’s a family,” says Micheal Weakley, deputy director.

Recent Arizona State University graduate, Bea Velazquez, serves one•n•ten as a resource specialist and esteemed confidant. “There wasn’t anyone really advocating for the queer youth,” Velazquez says. She was a key member in the development of the nonprofit’s Promise of a New Day, a one-of-a-kind housing program that promotes goal development, leadership, future planning and job-oriented skills while providing a safe environment for youth to live. “When I started working here, there was a blatant sense of community. I became a part of Phoenix and the LGBTQ community.”

Ira Bohm-Sanchez participates actively in the programs offered by the nonprofit and currently resides in the housing that Velazquez implemented. Bohm-Sanchez is open about being transgender and works to spread awareness by facilitating positive discussion. After being disowned by his parents in Southern California, Bohm-Sanchez found the hope of a new future upon arrival in Phoenix. By having regular access to the tools and resources that one•n•ten offers, Bohm-Sanchez has become empowered to handle life’s twists and turns and can now focus on creating a bright future, having recently received a scholarship.

Today, the Central Phoenix nonprofit even hosts drop-in locations throughout the Valley. The ever-developing social media impact has fueled awareness and outreach for the nonprofit, while one•n•ten also visits local community centers, coffee shops and more to distribute helpful information and advice to youth.

one•n•ten also counts on local partnerships with YMCA, The Boys and Girls Club, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Arizona Housing Incorporated, St. Mary’s Food Bank and many more to build a vast network of support that focuses on young LGBTQ in need.”

Or click here to view the article on Arizona Foothills Website.



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May 28 2013

Prom Photo Blog!!!!!

On May 4th 2013, one•n•ten began a new annual tradition, hosting an LGBTQ prom. This prom was open to all youth throughout the valley, with over 120 youth in attendance. The evening was a smashing success including a volunteer-hosted a spa-morning to assist youth with hair and make-up, a full dinner before the dance, a double decker bus to drive youth from the dinner to the dance in style, and an evening of all-youth-requested music to dance the night away to.


We would like to take a moment to thank the Footsteps Ministry, Church of the Beatitudes, Randy Bingham Photography, DJ Paul Raia, Michael Mazzocco and his decorating team, AZ Dance & Co, Detective Julie Smith & the Phoenix PD, Real London Bus Company, State Representative Katie Hobbs, and all our volunteers for making this a night our youth won’t forget! Enjoy a few of our favorite pics from the evening below!

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May 21 2013

You Caught a Fairy! West Valley’s Crafts Night is Magical

By Avi Vieira

Despite its use as a derogatory slang term for homosexuals, the term Fairy largely tends to conjure images of small, often winged magical beings that inspire mystical and enchanted childhood beliefs and memories. This week West Valley one•n•ten got a chance to create its own pixie magic in what seems to be its most popular crafts night when it made Fairy Jars. Led by West Valley’s own Commander and volunteer Avi; who spoke a bit about discovering the project last summer through a close companion who mentioned a Pinterest idea that then had to tested and adjusted. The jars were introduced at last year’s OUTdoors! Camp where they were a favorite cabin project by several cabins. With the back-story out of the way, Avi broke out the supplies and demonstrated to the youth how to capture their very own fairy in a jar.

Beginning with mason jars, the youth mixed silver, diamond, and white glitter into their jars. Next, a small piece of white tulle fabric was cut and added to the jar, which helped to suspend the glitter inside the jar. Finally, glowsticks of all colors were cracked and lit before being cut open and the contents added to the jars. With a little shake, the jars quickly came alive and “Fairies” could be seen floating in the middle of the glittering and glowing jars. The youth were quick to mix colors, creating their own custom shades of magic and feeling like wizards, or a certain Hylian hero in their creations.

The remainder of the evening consisted of social time, as the school year for many of our youth is drawing to a close. The youth feedback was tremendously positive, with many stating that this project has been their favorite crafts project. Beyond the wonderful creativity of our youth, the evening seemed to spark childhood excitement and wonder in them as well – which is the most powerful magic of all.


*Special Thanks to Gabriel Durante for his suggestion and inspiration of the original project.


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May 20 2013

Growing Strong: West Valley’s Spring Planting Night

By Avi Vieira

Though temperatures are creeping into the triple digits here in the Valley Of The Sun, in other parts of the country May typically signifies the beginning of spring weather and activities. With spring comes a new beginning as flowers and trees burst into a virtual rainbow of blossoms of all shades. West Valley one•n•ten took the opportunity to celebrate by planting seeds of its own with a Spring Planting Night.


Youth were given flower pots, potting soil, and a mix of flower seeds to create their own mini flower garden as their own symbol of spring rebirth. Encouraged to decorate their pots with stickers, ribbon, glitter, and paint before planting a mix of flower seeds that will not only look beautiful, but attract butterflies and hummingbirds. The youth  were then given the challenge to keep their flowers alive and document it through pictures as they will compete who can keep their plants alive the longest, and will be judged at the end of summer by our staff and volunteers.  It made for a fun way to celebrate springtime and warmer weather with an activity that encouraged creativity in the present sense, and nurturing qualities in the longer term as the youth care for their plants and watch them grow and thrive – not altogether different from what one•n•ten volunteers and staff do with our LGBTQ youth every day.


The rest of the evening was devoted to social time for the group, because what better excuse than springtime to simply relax and socialize as spring fever hits, even if you live in AZ where winter means wearing a hoodie? It kept the mood light, fun, and positive for everyone as we had our own celebration and even got our hands a little dirty in the process.


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May 10 2013

Farewell Melissa!

On Thursday April 25th the youth and staff of one•n•ten Phoenix said goodbye to our beloved Master’s of Social Work intern Melissa Foushee-Keller with vegan cakes and many hugs. Melissa joined the one•n•ten staff at the beginning of the Fall 2012 semester as a part of her degree requirement from Arizona State University. Melissa has done extensive research throughout her academic year with one•n•ten to assess both what the needs of youth who are about to turn 25 and age out of our programs, and make recommendations as to how we can better prepare our youth for when they do age out. Her recommendations to create a mentorship program for young adults and what that should look like in practice are being continued and further developed by our Q-High Site director Donald Smith.
In addition, Melissa’s warm and welcoming personality was one that youth took a shine to right away. Her strong background in mental health training and holistic healthcare was an invaluable asset to youth dealing with particular issues requiring one on one attention. Her absence is already felt, she is already missed!

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May 07 2013

Mapping Out Your Life: West Valley’s Hotspot Map Workshop

By Avi Vieira

When you look back on your life, where are the important places that pop into your memory? Perhaps it was the first school you attended, or a close relative’s house. Maybe it was a favorite vacation, or a secret fort as a kid. West Valley one•n•ten had the opportunity to identify and share places and events that were important to them. Our youth were joined by Central one•n•ten’s very own Commodore Bea as well as youth from one•n•ten’s Promise of a New Day Housing Program who chose to visit West Valley in hopes of starting a mentoring program between themselves and the younger West Valley youth.


The activity for the evening was drawing “hotspot” maps which identified personal places of importance in their lives

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such as places they find comfort, support, where they are able to be themselves, and places where important events happened in their lives. The group was given sheets of paper and different art supplies, then allowed to break up and create their maps.


Later in the evening, the group formed back to allow everyone to share their maps. Common places identified were old homes, homes of friends, life in other cities and moving to Arizona, one•n•ten as a safe space, church as spiritual support, and OUTdoors! Camp (gay camp) as a place where our youth found support and their own identities. The evening proved to me a moving and enlightening one where the youth were able to interact with each other in a different way and learn all new kinds of things about people they thought they were already familiar with.


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May 07 2013

one•n•ten Athletes On Channel 12!

In response to the NBA’s Jason Collins’ public coming out, Channel 12 interviewed several one•n•ten athletes about their thoughts concerning this announcement. This announcement made Collins’ the first

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male professional athlete to publicly come out as gay while still actively playing in a major professional sports league. You can view the video of this interview below.

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May 07 2013

Coming Out of the Past: West Valley’s Gay History/ Gay Pop Culture Night

By Avi Vieira

With new faces joining West Valley one•n•ten, it was high time we tested the LGBT pop cultural and historical knowledge of our youth with a series of fun and challenging trivia questions spanning decades of LGBT related movies, television, music, and history with volunteers serving as judges and awarding points for correct answers, and occasionally providing hints to stumped participants.


With the promise of “fabulous prizes” to tempt them; our youth “buzzed in” and answered individual questions ranging from events and people from Ancient Rome through 2013 drawing on gay icons such as Judy Garland, Alan Turning, Freddie Mercury, Madonna, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and Lady Gaga; as well as events impacting LGBTs such as Lawrence v Texas, DOMA, Proposition 8, DADT, states allowing same sex marriage; and even tested LGBT related terminology such as defining pocket gays, fruit flies, gaydar, and chapstick lesbians.


The evening was lively as youth tried to answer quickly, often times scrambling to buzz in to answer, then stump others by picking older decades and more obscure categories.  In the end, when scores were tabulated, a rainbow round was held to determine the final prizes, which as promised, were fabulous gift cards to Target and Barnes and Noble and a special prizes of books on Gay encouragement for further research. As a bonus that was the highlight of the evening for the youth was the presentation of “Official Gay Cards” for their demonstration of LGBT knowledge; which both reminds cardholders to love, honor, and respect each other, and come with a “3 Strikes and you lose” clause for offenses against fellow LGBTs.


The evening served as both a learning opportunity from the trivia portion, but also allowed the youth to feel validated, empowered, and connected to the greater LGBT community. While the concept of a “Gay Card” brings a chuckle, and a smile to older members of the community, it was simply magical to watch the pride our youth had as they left for the night, with those cards in hand and sense of authorization and endorsement from “senior LGBTs.”


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May 06 2013

Queer Sketching: West Valley’s Gay Pictionary Night

By Avi Vieira

With 90 seconds to sketch a randomly drawn person, place, or thing; West Valley one•n•ten youth competed in teams against each other with hilarious funny guessing and cheers at correct answers at some of the most basic and random of sketches of LGBT related subjects. It was Gay Pictionary Night in West Valley, and the teams were playing for keeps.


Before the game was announced, the volunteers were asked to write down a person, place, or thing and place it in a bag. The youth were then split up into two teams and given mere minutes to pick team names and captains. As the game started, the random words were drawn from the bag by the youth team members as they rotated up in competition to draw their subject for their team to guess. With people like Lady Gaga, Harvey Milk, Judy Garland, and Jeffery Star; places like San Francisco, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and Home Depot; as well as things like Diva, Unicorn, and Fierce – both artistic and logical deduction skills were pushed to the max. The competition was fierce in every sense of the word, with the teams tied at the

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end of the allotted time. This resulted in a “ Sudden Death Rainbow Round” to declare a winner.


The evening was lively, the sketches and guesses hilarious that truly made for an energetic and playful night of camaraderie and good natured competition that also welcomed new members to West Valley.


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May 06 2013

Adding a Dash of Fabulous: Cooking with Avi Night Returns

By Avi Vieira

One thing that has always been popular at West Valley one•n•ten has been snacks. While our youth love and appreciate the usual snacks provided for them every group, they LOVE when they get an opportunity to create their own treats, and learn a recipe they can share with friends and family. West Valley’s very own Zinc Saucier Avi returned for a night dedicated to bringing the youth together through cooking simple and delicious snacks.


On the menu were perennial favorites Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries and Candy Sushi. Beginning with the Strawberries, Avi demonstrated how to hollow out the berries then showed another group of youth how to mix the cream cheese filling with vanilla and powdered sugar, then how to pipe it into the strawberries using a Ziploc baggie before finishing with a graham cracker topping. He then showed another group of youth and volunteers how to make Candy Sushi using thin sheets of Rice Krispy treats, rolled around twizzlers or gummi worms, and wrapped with fruit rollup “seaweed”, and accompanied by whipping cream “wasabi,”  slices of strawberry fruit rollup “pickled ginger,” and chocolate syrup “soy sauce.”


The desserts were a huge hit, mostly due to the sugar content, but also in that it encouraged everyone to work together creatively on a common project as well as how deceptively simple the desserts are to make. Several youth with little to no cooking experience left for the evening stating how they were going to make these treats on their own to share with friends and family members. It was great to see youth not only enjoy the evening, but learn a new skill in the kitchen and become inspired to create and share something with those closest to them.


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