Promise of a New Day (P.O.N.D.) is a supportive housing program designed to help one•n•ten youth experiencing homelessness gain the skills necessary to successfully transition to independent living.  one•n•ten’s Case Manager works closely with the youth to ensure they have the resources to succeed.  This includes job training, life skill training, mental health counseling, transportation, and personal development goal-setting to guide their path.

If you are a homeless youth and are interesting in joining the P.O.N.D. program, please read through these pre-screening questions to see if you’re qualified to participate in P.O.N.D.

1.  Are you currently homeless?  For the purpose of our program, we use The City of Phoenix’s definition of “homeless” as: “The individual must be on the streets, in an emergency shelter (such as Tumbleweed, CASS, Homebase, etc.), or place not meant for habitation inclusive of non-housing service sites (a car, the park, etc.).” 2.  Are you willing to live within the guidelines and rules set forth in the P.O.N.D. Program? 3.   Are you open to the guidance and feedback of a Case Manager? 4.  Do you have your birth certificate, state identification card, and social security card? 5.  Do you have any convictions for violent offenses?  Any convictions for sexual offenses?  Any outstanding criminal fines? 6. Are you aware of or do you have any outstanding warrants?


If you’re unsure about your answers to the pre-screening and would like help, please email Sarah Kent at *Being able to answer in the affirmative to the above pre-screening questions does not automatically or instantly qualify youth to enter into the P.O.N.D. Program, nor does filling out the online application.